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Corporate Culture

Vision: the world's most competitive heat exchanger manufacturing experts.

Brand Strategy: Shanghai Bond domestic brands, the world.

Operating principle: two devices based automotive air conditioning industry, vigorously develop the domestic air-conditioning and other heat transfer industry.

Quality: full participation in tree consciousness, technological innovation as the guide; strict implementation is the key, continuous improvement and development.

Enterprise modernization: management systems, standardized operations, process standardization, data, information technology, industrial automation.

Quality construction: 2007, the company passed ISO/TS16949 quality system.

Corporate sense of crisis: Enterprise have the "bomb" operation, always have a sense of crisis.

Bond human values: the social value, self-worth, double reflected.

Bond people teamwork: understanding, tolerance, help and support.

Bond people work ethic: Job action to improve innovation, management thinking, teamwork, are required to guide the concept.

Bond human cultural etiquette: reception, tours, visits, conferences, cultural etiquette needs education, self-cultivation can be built.


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